Watch List Project

To respect the organization’s strict non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and altered all confidential information.


The goal was to create a straightforward and efficient solution for the client to receive status updates for a unique set of pending or completed work items.

My Role

  • Customer Insights & Ideation
  • Competitor Research
  • Experience Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Design Execution & Validation
  • Leadership

Context & Challenge

The majority of the work the client does relies heavily on complex workflows and remaining informed about the status of work completed or approved by both the organization and external vendors. As a result, the client desired to have a way to monitor specific items without having to conduct several elaborate searches to check the status of particular items on a daily basis. Additionally, users were interested in creating a way for information about work items of interest to come to them when updates occurred.

Process & Insight


I started by doing a deep dive to fully understand the average user’s unique workflow and journey to accomplish his or her goals. Once I had a solid understanding of how users achieved their goals in both the legacy application and external applications, I began researching bookmark and watchlist patterns among technical and commercial products for insight regarding practical patterns.


I began to visualize how my team could solve our client's biggest challenge by sketching some of the early ideas that the team and I had come up with after user interview sessions. After a focused brainstorm and design critic, I began to refine a few of the initial ideas as I translated the concepts into wireframes. These deliverables were tested with a small group of users to gauge the desirability of the new feature and gather feedback on the direction of the concepts.

I designed high fidelity mockups of the end-to-end experience from adding items to a personal watch list to managing list notification preferences. Using the high fidelity mockups, I built a clickable prototype with the InVision App to further validate concepts. The prototype served as a reference for the client to show progress to the broader user community and for the product team once development started.