Single Sign-On Project

To respect the organization’s strict non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and altered all confidential information.


The goal of this project was to design a single sign-on solution for an enterprise portfolio of applications that would provide general organization transparency and seamless movement between several interconnected modules.

My Role

  • Ideation
  • Experience Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • Design Execution & Validation
  • Leadership

Context & Challenge

A growing number of the applications within the enterprise suite were being rewritten or taken from outdated, cumbersome spreadsheet processes and transformed into web applications for the first time. A significant number of users had access to more than one of the applications within the enterprise suite, in addition to there being several shared data sources between the systems, which fueled the necessity for better integration.

Process & Insight


I sketched several initial concepts based on information received from informal interviews with stakeholders and the project requirements. These ideas were reviewed internally with the team to solicit feedback and further iterate our way to new ideas for critical pages that would likely receive the most traffic, which was the login and landing pages. Given the less than favorable sentiment toward the current login and landing pages, it was important that we test the designs with users, so we conducted desirability testing. Wireframes were also created for several of the administrative pages that governed approving users for each module or assigning permissions to users.


I iterated through dozens of high fidelity mockups of the end-to-end experience from logging into the application to discovering general information about the client. I focused the majority of my efforts on reaching a solid concept for the login and landing pages to support the customer rebranding effort. A clickable prototype was also created using the InVision App to support key user stories. Once the designs received more buy-in from both stakeholders and key users the concept were prototyped with Bootstrap, custom CSS, and HTML, which I handed over to the development team for configuration with the primary code base.