Release Notes

To respect the organization’s strict non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and altered all confidential information.


The goal of the project was to refresh an enterprise client’s release notes feature to reduce the reliance on internally or externally communicating the details of each release in email attachments.

My Role

  • Ideation
  • Experience Strategy
  • Design Execution & Validation

Context & Challenge

We sought to update the client’s product release notes feature to create greater transparency and clarity among stakeholders as well as primary users about the features, enhancements and bug fixes released by the development team. The scope of the project included designing a solution that not only served primary users but also that served the internal team collaborating to communicate product updates to end users.

Process & Insight


I began by conducting informal interviews about the current process for drafting release notes, in addition to gathering information about how the user community and management team consumed product release details. My research also included surveying other technical products to discover which patterns were the most functional when delivering information about product releases.


After considering information discovered during the research phase I began sketching rough concepts to quickly work through ideas that might inform the layout and flow of the release notes feature. The most important considerations that I had to keep in mind as I moved into creating higher fidelity deliverables was the necessity to balance the needs of the end users and the internal product team. I created mockups to illustrate how the feature would be visually executed to match the current site’s look and feel. These mockups also included annotations that guided the software engineers and product owners throughout the development process.