Pre-Order Project


StyleCable, the client, is a clothing and fashion accessories marketplace for carefully selected emerging designers. The objective of the project was to develop a solution for the site’s pre-order feature that would empower users to place pre-orders with confidence by making the process more intuitive for users.

My Role

  • Ideation
  • Experience Strategy
  • Design Validation
  • Design Specifications

Team Member: David Kief

Context & Challenge

User adoption rates of the pre-order feature for unique items was significantly lower than the direct purchase order conversion rates. The biggest problem we faced was determining the source of the lack of pre-orders and designing a solution to address it.

Process & Insight


We began by analyzing site traffic trends through Google Analytics and combing through the results from recent customer survey data. We also conducted a brief survey with a subset of users about their online shopping behaviors. Using the preliminary research we created wireframes for a new pre-order experience and did user testing to test a hypothesis about the navigation and messaging for the pre-order process.


Before getting started on mockups, we conducted a task analysis and user flows for the product's primary personas. Based on insights gathered from user testing we worked through a few iterations of mockups which focused on strategic parts of the pre-order process. Higher fidelity mockups were created and incorporated in the clickable prototype developed using the InVision application. At the conclusion of the project, one of the major deliverables handed off to the client included a detailed interaction specification document.