Mobile Payments Project


The goal of this project was to build a prototype that would allow users to pay for goods and services using Foursquare's Swarm application.

My Role

  • Ideation
  • Experience Strategy
  • Design Validation
  • Design Specifications

Team Members: Geena Schwartz and David Fenigstein

Context & Challenge

Dinners with large groups can present challenges when it comes time to pay the bill at a restaurant that either has a limit on the number of credit cards it can apply to one check or on the number of separate bills it can produce per table. My team was responsible for creating a solution that addressed restaurant patrons need to easily, split checks with Foursquare's Swarm mobile application easily.

Process & Insight


We began our process by doing some survey research to support a few hypotheses about social dining habits with large groups. Using the results from out research we created a mind map to categorize the data as either primary or secondary pain points, which led to the emergence of potential solutions. Before conceptualizing designs, we created personas based on the primary use cases, which include users who want to split a large bill at a restaurant and users who want to pay a bar tab quickly without the need to get the bartender's attention.


To start, we collaboratively sketched ideas on a whiteboard for the new mobile payments feature in the Swarm application. We visualized the entire process of splitting a check and closing a bar tab from start to finish on a white board, then moved on to create medium and high fidelity mockups. We created a prototype for the primary check splitting feature then did some quick hallway user testing to gather feedback. The complete prototype allowed users to digitally split checks, close tabs and earn instant rewards at food and drink establishments with Foursquare’s Swarm application.