Jr. NBA Project


The primary objective of this project was to create a mobile app for the Jr. NBA that would allow users to conduct basketball practice using the carefully curated curriculum practice plans or let users create custom practice plans.

My Role

  • Ideation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Experience Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Rapid Prototyping

Team: Tiana Tucker, interaction design, Jess Moss, visual design, and, creative director, Orlando Ramirez

Context & Challenge

The Jr. NBA had a responsive website that featured basketball practice plans crafted by experts in the field and an extensive library of skill tutorials. The client's most desired feature was the ability for youth basketball coaches to create custom practice plans. Additionally, the client wanted to introduce a series play diagrams to support coaches.

Process & Insight


We took a look at several competitors in the youth sports niche on mobile to get a sense of where each app failed and succeeded. Next, I conducted an inventory assessment of the skills library and practice plan sections. Our primary users were youth basketball coaches at the beginner to intermediate levels looking for a tool to step up their game on the court during practice.


Once we got a good grasp on the client expectations, the target users and competitors I put together an app map. Then, I spent several sessions wireframing ideas and user flows on whiteboards with the design team while also creating higher fidelity wireframes in parallel. I moved on to build a rapid prototype with the InVision app which we used to get direct feedback from the client and in hallway usability testing.

The custom practice plans feature went through several iterations which included two significant overhauls of the feature before the functionality was approved. The first overhaul abandoned the idea that only activities from curriculum plans could be included in custom plans. The second overhaul discarded the notion that users were only allowed to add curriculum skills that matched the skill level indicated when creating a new custom practice plan.